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« on: March 20, 2019, 11:34:49 AM »
A Case for Lady-Ladles: Why Being Big Spoon is AwesomeYet, the slowness with which our lips parried only served to make me run out of air earlier than expected, forcing me to withdraw for a moment. I recovered the image of her dark eyes that only asked me to return and, after inspiring nervously, I did. This time it was a deeper and more intimate kiss in which our tongues first met and played hide and seek. Finally I caught hers in a gentle bite and in return she caught me with a cheeky lick to my lower lip.The next morning, I headed off to work, kissed my beautiful wife and I could still smell the musky smell of the amazing sex we had the night before. I knew Lynn would be waking an hour or so later and make her way to the gym where she’d undoubtedly run into Melissa. The question I had was would she share with her what we had done the night before. Throughout the day, I had a very hard time focusing on my work as I was still recalling the escapade that had occurred last night. Around lunch, I decided that if I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on my job, that someone could possibly get hurt so I opted to take some time off and headed home with the thought of going for round two from the previous night. I arrived home looking and noticed that her car wasn’t home, I entered the house and wondered where my wife was. It was a little past noon and she was usually home from the gym by 9:30 or so. As it neared 1:00, I heard Lynn’s car approach the house and she entered the house shocked to see me home. Lynn came in and asked why I was home early and said had she known she probably would have been home earlier. I explained that my mind was till racing from the night before and I opted to come home and surprise her. As it turned out, it was Lynn who had the surprise for me."No, it's a pleasure. John's a good kid and he'll beat you one of these days, even if we don't."
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"Me too," John agreed. "Night, mom," he said, kissing her on the cheek. God he was thinking their mother looked as good as Kelly, and his cock started getting hard again just thinking about it."Jesus, Kelly," John said, shaking his head.By this point, Brist's mind had totally surrendered to the sad, wretched truth:"Is everything okay?" she asked, eyes still closed. I didn't know what to say in response, so I kept looking at her sexy little body kneeling before me, her big breasts pushing proudly out against the fabric of her shirt, and I kept beating my meat. Stroke, stroke, stroke.

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« on: March 15, 2019, 12:24:23 AM »
"It was fun, but too much tequila," she responded with a half smile. "Hey... I know I just asked you last night but... well to cut to the chase, you ate me out so good that all I could think about last night was how hard I came. Any chance you'd be willing to do that again to help wake me up this morning?"Read More »As I kissed her deeply, I carefully unbuckled her bra allowing her restraints to fall to the floor. I reached up and began to caress her tits as we maintained our passionate lip-lock. We fell to the bed still in our embrace and she pulled my shirt off of me and began to kiss my nipples. As she alternated between my nipples, she reached between my legs and grabbed my swollen cock. She was surely skilled at working my nipples and stroking me at the same time. She built me towards an orgasm and I let these amazing feelings take over my body. Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, I broke our embrace and put her in the center of the bed. I secured the sides of her thong and carefully pulled it off of her. As her thong peeled off her pussy, I could see her wetness in her panties. Melissa changed her pussy jewelry back to the barbell over her clit and I couldn’t wait to taste her again. I managed to overcome my desire to eat Melissa right then and instead opted to kiss her on her mouth again. I alternated fondling her breasts with one had while the other hand played with her very wet pussy. I stroked her lips till my fingers were good and wet then inserted one, then two fingers into my lover’s love hole. Melissa began to tremble as the sexual pleasure took over her body. As I rubbed and fingered her, I could feel her clit harden letting me know she was on the verge of having an orgasm. I asked her how she wanted to cum and she told me she wanted me inside her when she came. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lick her pussy as wet as it was, so as I lifted myself off of her I dove my face into her swollen and wet pussy and took a quick lick and taste of her love box. Getting a mouth full of her juices, I readied myself to enter her. Knowing I was ready to cum myself, I reached over to the nightstand to grab a condom and as I readied to open it, Melissa took it from me and said that we would not be using condoms that night… she wanted to feel me shoot my load in her. That thought alone almost made me cum. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her love hole and Melissa looked at me and lovingly said, “Make love to me! Let me feel your cock in me and fill me up with your cum!” Wanting to be a good lover, I did as I was asked. I slid my cock into her and instantly I realized how much better her pussy felt skin-to-skin. I began to ease my cock in and out of her feeling the incredibly tight walls of her love canal. We stayed in missionary position as I steadily increased my pace. Melissa’s moans of pleasure were unlike the night before, that night they were far more passionate and loving. I could feel my orgasm nearing and I told Melissa I was about to cum. She reached between her legs and began to rub herself in time with my thrusts. As her self-pleasuring pace increased, I knew she was ready to explode. I tried my best to postpone my impeding explosion and as I felt Melissa explode I couldn’t hold myself off and I released my own orgasm while she came too. The two of us came together as we bucked through our orgasms. As the waves of sexual ecstasy took over our bodies, we both tried to hold each other to share the feeling with our lover. My orgasm finished first, but my cock was still somehow semi-hard and still remained in Melissa’s pussy. I fell on to her to hold her and caress her through her final moments of her orgasm. I heard her whimper and nearly cry with thankfulness and gratitude for the love making we just shared. My limping cock began to slip out of Melissa and when it finally popped out from her I felt how wet it was as it fell against my leg. Melissa reached down to her crotch and pulled two fingers of the love cocktail we had made and she took it in her mouth. She reached in for a second serving this time offering it to me. I joyfully cleaned my lover’s fingers enjoying the taste of what we made together. We laid side-by-side for a while before we made love a second time and then a third. By the third time we had made love, I had the pleasure of cumming in Melissa’s pussy and mouth too. I even had the thrill of watching her suck my cock dry and swallow every drop of my sperm. What we shared that night was something incredible.Kent stopped kidding around, and suddenly got serious about eating her tasty peach."Okay," Kelly said, feverishly rubbing her pussy before pulling the skirt on."You're kidding, right?" was my incredulous reply.
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   And that's also when I finally understood that I was totally and completely screwed. Cassidy didn't think it was dangerous at all for us to have crossed some personal lines, or that we had ever crossed any lines. It was inevitable that something was going to happen again.You will also like:"What did you tell your parents about where you were going?" Tom asked as he handed them each a soda."Man, it's like batter running out of you." I observed.I lead her out of the bathroom, and as we made our way towards the middle of the floor, I spotted Doug and tried not to laugh when he saluted me with his beer. There was a fast-paced dance mix playing, and as I guided her to the side of the dance floor facing Doug, I released her hand, and turning to face her, began to dance. The song wasn't conducive to getting to close to her, but that was fine with me because right now I was getting a damn good show.Trying to pick up his slack, I removed her hand from my arm. "Jenna, go back into the club and have fun. You're right. That's what we enjoy, but—"Becca's hands left my hips and started slowly running up and down my sides. I quickly spun and leaned back against her reaching behind me. I wrapped one arm around her neck drawing her face next to mine. Dropping my other arm, I reached around, and throwing caution to the wind, placed it on her ass and squeezed. I felt Becca's breath against my neck when she gasped. I released a breath of my own at how firm her ass was. I could feel her rubbing her breasts against my back as her arms encircled my waist."You want to play?" Jason asked with some surprise. "I thought you had decided that golf wasn't for you."

Online Discussion / Amazing african BBW .
« on: March 15, 2019, 12:23:04 AM »
EDITOR: Why not try your hand at writing erotica? It's 100% free to have your story published by us - Details Here.As the evening began to wrap up, Lynn and I decided to leave. We found our guests and thanked them for a great evening and said our goodbyes. Melissa gave me a big warm hug and breathed a hot breath in my ear before planting a wet kiss on my lips. Chris embraced my wife giving her an embrace with both hands wrapped around her waist and one hand made its way up her back as the other hand moved to her ass cheeks. Just as his hand reached Lynn’s ass, his hands quickly made their way back to her waist. He planted a kiss on my wife’s face right next to her lips then finished off with a embrace with his face next to hers. The two separated and then the two ladies gave each other a hug and we men gave each other a “man hug”. Chris told me, how lucky I was to be married to such a hot and sexy woman. I returned the compliment and we shook hands and Lynn and I left."That's just right, Kelly," he said, staring at her portal of joy that was right in front of his lips."M-Mistress—" The paintbrush tickled Ia's lips again, and she had to bite her lip hard to keep from being consumed in laughter. "I'll l-love you!" she squealed. "Just please don't... don't...""I know, I'm sorry," she responded. "Where you going.""The bra too," he said, staring at her tits, the nipples obvious even through the thick material that was holding them up.
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   And then I was cumming, squeezing the tip of my dick through Cassidy's red hair, the orgasm bursting out of me in a sharp, pleasurable wave. Cassidy's eyes opened and she looked up at me as I came, electricity flowing between us as our eyes met while she watched me orgasm. Spurt after spurt of my hot jizz was pumped right into Cassidy's silky hair, and the visual was seared into my memory. Cassidy smiled, her blue eyes taking in the scene of me cumming on her, her big, creamy breasts on display for me as she knelt before me. My legs shook and I almost lost my balance as I came in her hair, finally having to sit back on the cold edge of the tub."The point is to cum on my face, remember," Cassidy responded. Her eyes moved to my still engorged cock wrapped tightly in my hand. "Go ahead, honey, cum on my pretty face."As I continued to lick, I turned my eyes to the mirror and took in the sight of Doug's sweat slicked, well- muscled body behind me as he relentlessly drove his cock into me.Buford and Sons had been waiting for Tiffany when she had gotten back to the barn with her bucket of slops. Junior and Junior obviously weren't going anywhere, so Tiffany had disrobed and knelt at the feet of the Unholy Trinity. She had assumed her usual position, on her knees and facing away from them with her ass high in the air, and had placed her hands on her rear cheeks, awaiting the command "Open sesame!" Upon hearing the boys recite the magic words, Tiffany had parted her cheeks to reveal her hidden rear entrance."Anyway, I wondered why you hadn't asked me how I felt about your wiping the soles off on my pussy, but then it occurred to me that you already knew the answer, or at least thought you did. Actually, it occurred to me that you might have thought about asking me whether I would clean your boots with my mouth, since my lips are soft and supple and would be gentle on your boots, which always look old and almost fragile to me. I thought you knew I would hesitate, and then, as you always do, you would give me an alternative, one that doesn't seem much better. In this case, you would have pointed out that if I didn't want to use my mouth to clean your boots, I had another mouth and another pair of soft, supple lips available for use."Ya know, when it's dark out, you can see right through these windows." I said, pointing across the road to the neighboring home.Unlike Becca though, my hands kept moving, and unable to help it, I slid them along the sides of her tits. I felt her tense a little, but when I stopped with my hands just beneath them, she placed her hands over mine and eased them up just enough for me to cup them.He imagined advancing on the slut. Her ass was practically being presented for him like a target. What if he just stepped up and gave her...?

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"Go easy," I told him. "Let me see it.""Or if I knew some older guys that had more experience they could probably tell me how to do things that they like," Kelly went on.Swinging my leg over her chest, I slipped my legs under her arms and eased myself back until we were in a sixty-nine. Jenna continued to amaze me even as she yelped from the hard fucking Doug was giving her. Her arms wrapped around my waist and pulled my pussy into her face. I cried out at the feeling of her soft, wet tongue plunging into my pussy. She swirled her tongue around inside me and then quickly slipped her tongue up to my clit. I could tell by the way her tongue began dancing across my clit that mine was not the first pussy she had licked."I don't know..." I responded carefully again. "I'm not trying to get you worked up, I'm just saying that it seems like they have a solid case. I don't want you to be stunned or disappointed when it turns out that they really did have this fake class for athletes.""Now you're asking for it," she said, reaching for him."An all-you-can-eat buffet!" I responded, laughing before taking a sip of my drink.
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   "We'll see," she said as she stood to leave my bathroom.As the evening began to wrap up, Lynn and I decided to leave. We found our guests and thanked them for a great evening and said our goodbyes. Melissa gave me a big warm hug and breathed a hot breath in my ear before planting a wet kiss on my lips. Chris embraced my wife giving her an embrace with both hands wrapped around her waist and one hand made its way up her back as the other hand moved to her ass cheeks. Just as his hand reached Lynn’s ass, his hands quickly made their way back to her waist. He planted a kiss on my wife’s face right next to her lips then finished off with a embrace with his face next to hers. The two separated and then the two ladies gave each other a hug and we men gave each other a “man hug”. Chris told me, how lucky I was to be married to such a hot and sexy woman. I returned the compliment and we shook hands and Lynn and I left."This is obedience," Elly cried, over Ia's screams. "This is what it feels like to be a good girl! You always wanna be a good girl, right?""Doug!" I elbowed him again, but he went on.His nose twitched. He... smelled something. Something pleasant. And his heart sank as he recognized it."Uh-uh." I countered, pointing back at her. "You're now Swingers, too.""Your sister!" Tom exclaimed, his mouth opening in surprise. "How can she help?""You want to try again?" He pointed. "I saw this—"

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The humming hadn't reached him instantly. He hadn't noticed it as he'd come up the hall, but now Senya realized it had always been there. It had seeped in. Buzzing. Staticky. Listening to it too intently made him dizzy. So did tuning it out. Senya swayed slightly, as his mind slowly pieced together what the gorgeous woman in front of him meant.Kurt, Anne and Jan all watched Anja eating Jan's pussy, as Kent filled Anja from behind. Kurt spoke to my wife.I slung the towel over my shoulder and walked to the kitchen. It was a beautiful day outside. Partly cloudy, but the sun was shining on the snow-covered hills. The whole front part of the cabin was glass, affording an unlimited vista down the valley. It also occurred to me; the glass afforded an unlimited view into the entire cabin, save the bathroom when the door was closed. The windows in front were of the reflective coating type, looking like mirrors from outside, during the day. There were only three or four other structures in sight. All were similar to ours, being rather pricey looking mountain retreats. I had noticed light in a few of them last night, but none were actually close enough to really see well enough inside, except for the one directly across the only road leading up here. It was a light colored cedar cabin with large reflective bronze windows. In daylight I could only see the reflection of our side of the valley in them, including our cabin.She gasped as his hand pressed against her cleavage. "Ooh. Or do we want more? Naughty boy!""Nibble on my pussy for me, Mr. Henderson," Kelly implored, wriggling her ass. "I'm so excited about this and I can?t tell you how much I like what we are doing.""I don't," John said, steel in his voice.
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   "Try telling her parents that if she does something stupid when we're supposed to be keeping an eye out." Doug rolled his eyes, but I kept going."So," I began, my heart racing, "Do you like guys, too?"Melissa and I got into our room and she closed the door behind us, “Tonight is about you and me! No one else, just the two of us!” she said locking the door. We made our way to the bed and Melissa said she wanted to keep the lights on… we fell into each other’s arms and began to kiss passionately. After a few moments of kissing and feeling each other through our clothes, I began to remove Melissa’s blouse revealing a sexy lacy bra and when she lowered her pants she had a matching pair of lace thong panties. My cock instantly showed its approval going full erect. Seeing the bulge in my pants, Melissa opened my pants and lowered them to the floor giving her full access to me. Unlike the night before, Melissa opted to make love to my member versus the oral assault she bestowed on it the night before. Her tenderness began with her giving the slightest lick and kiss to the tip of my head, that tender touch sent shivers up my spine…. She sexily closed her eyes and began to slowly take my cock into her mouth inch-by-inch. Once she got my entire cock into her mouth, she opened her eyes to see my level of pleasure. I let her orally pleasure me for a few moments when I pulled her up to me so we could resume our kissing.PART 1: The Godfather."Uh-uh. I'll take credit for Anne, but Jan was already full when I got her." He took a step back, surveying his penis. "Gross, dude! Clean her up when you're done with her, will ya?""Well, hey how can I say no to a sweet request like that?"She trailed off."Nobody new, lately?" Janet asked her, sweetly.

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We concluded our loving, leisurely fuck with Anne having another screaming orgasm. Since I had already showered, I was going to step out and let my wife finish. While drying off, in came Jan looking rather disheveled. She smiled pleasantly at me and headed into the shower with Anne. As she stepped in, I couldn't help but notice what appeared to be traces of fresh come spotting the backs of her shapely thighs. Man, I thought, Kent is a sperm factory this morning. I also considered peeking into the shower to see what the girls might be up to. But since I knew Janet was very undecided about the whole girl-girl aspect, I figured it best to stay out of that unless it happened in right front of me.He was practically gasping for breath, now, taking in more and more of the delectable scents. He slid further back against the wall. Had to fight... had to flee... had to fuck...But it's not an exit, whispered a sibilant voice in his mind. I'll never leave this place, never leave Ytheri. I never want to leave Ytheri. He pushed the voice back down as he came to the hallway corner where the light was coming from. His head was buzzing with excitement."You're kidding, right?" was my incredulous reply.A few seconds later the women stopped kissing and smiled against each other’s lips. The older woman said something, looked into her eyes … and the other woman disappeared. Ruth found herself cursing internally that she couldn’t make out their conversation from below. She wondered if they were leaving the hotel…"It's just an idea," John said.
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   I heard footsteps cross the floor towards the sound of Anne's voice."Yeah, mom, what's wrong with the way I'm dressed anyway?" Kelly asked, laughing at her mother's look of surprise. "I'm covered. You can see more when I wear a bathing suit and you don't tell me not to wear one in public."Without any further fooling around, we got dressed, piled in the Jeep and headed to town. "Town" was actually a few Bavarian Village styled blocks about fifteen minutes away. It was here that I proposed to my wife a few years ago."I love your cock," she told him, again dropping down to her knees to gently suck on him. "If you can get it hard again, do we have time for one more fuck?" she asked.The girls were out there wearing next to nothing, and as much as I knew Doug was enjoying the view, I was sure I was more worked up than he was. It had been awhile since we'd had some company, as we referred to it. Watching the scantily clad young girls dance by the large bonfire was making me more than aware that it was high time we did something about that.Following dinner, we headed to the dance club area for a few more drinks and dancing. As we walked to the dance club, Melissa grabbed my hand and held me like a lover instead of a friend’s husband. Chris on the other hand was far bolder walking with his arm around Lynn’s waist, at one point, I even saw him caress and rub my wife’s ass. While Chris caressed my wife’s ass, she leaned her head against his chest; she even reached up and gave him a big wet juicy kiss on his neck. Anyone unaware of what was going on would have assumed that Chris and Lynn were a couple and Melissa and I were together. We got to the dance club and the music was pumping and it was moderately crowded. Melissa spoke with the guy at the entrance to the club and he led us to a reserved table in a corner of the club. We arrived at our table and the next round of drinks arrived and the four of us resumed our playful heavy petting that had begun during dinner. The two ladies took turns pulling out their partner’s cock and giving it a few strokes then putting it back in our trousers. Chris and I both took turns copping a feel of our partner’s breast and even reaching between their legs to stroke their pussies. At one point, Lynn and Chris were siting directly across of Melissa and I, my wife opened her legs wide enough to afford Melissa and I a unobstructed view of Chris fingering my wife. It was so hot watching my wife getting turned on by another man. She definitely was enjoying it because as Chris fingered her, she leaned over and began to kiss him and grabbing his cock through his pants. Seeing what was happening to her husband, Melissa decided to join in too… Melissa mounted me like a stripper giving a lap dance and began to grind me right in front of my wife. Looking back now, it sure appeared like the two ladies were trying to outdo the other…. Lucky for Chris and I."And I told them you were cool and I totally trusted you..." she continued to explain.He'd given her a lot of time.

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It took a little longer with Cassidy wearing her work clothes, forcing us to pause half way through so we could hike up her skirt a little higher. But it was kind of hot eating her out while she was basically fully clothed, suckling on her hard little clit while most of the rest of her was covered. I held her firm ass cheeks in my warm hands, pulling her pussy against my face, as she came on my suckling lips and wiggling, wet tongue.I gave her ass a squeeze, then reaching further, slid my fingers through her wet lips and found her swollen clit. Jenna gasped around Doug's cock, but kept her lips pressed to it. I could feel Doug's thigh shaking against my shoulder. Placing my fingers around his cock, I gently stroked just the base. I withdrew my lips from him and looked up to see he was sweating and breathing hard. He saw me looking, and I asked, "You want to cum for our pretty little friend, baby?"John was about to fall asleep when he felt, more than heard, his door open softly, and then Kelly was climbing into his bed with him, completely naked."I know you're right, but I'd still rather stay here," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "Thank you and good-night," she said, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him, her tongue sliding into his mouth. "Ummm, you know how to kiss, too," she said, reluctantly letting her arms drop and getting up to leave the room.If I had any doubt, his remark of "Damn, she's tight" cleared that up.She giggled, "Just Kent, Silly!"
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"So that's your secret." I said."Well, why don't you take off your shirt to start with," he suggested."Good, I'm glad," she said as she stepped out of the tub. "A deal is a deal. But now I have to go clean myself up. Thanks for not getting cum on my jacket.""Jesus, Kelly, get a grip," John said, laughing. "You'll drive yourself crazy. Besides, mom's home."The paintbrush fell away from her breast. Ia let out a shuddering sigh of relief. She didn't care anymore. She would say whatever this horrid, wonderful creature wanted, do whatever she wanted, be whatever she wanted. She'd tried lying, tried faking it, tried denying it. Elly knew. Elly always knew.~~~~ ~~~~
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"So you do like me then?" she asked, laughing as she got to her feet. "You made me cum like crazy too," she said, letting one hand drop between her legs and come back up all glistening with her juices. "It was running down my legs," she said, softly sucking on her fingers as John watched with an open mouth. "But I taste even better than you do," she said, smiling at him. "Maybe you'll find out some day," she said."Why, that's absolutely right," Jason said, proud that John had remembered what he had told him."Oh, yes, I'm sure," Kelly replied, her tongue flicking out to lick his peter. "I want to try it, anyway. You don't mind, do you?" she asked. "Because if it bothers you, I won't do it. I'd rather have you anyway." "No, it doesn't bother me," John said, shaking his head. "It's just business as far as I'm concerned.""Fuck!" she cried out. "Yes, like that! Oh, fuck its big!""See, all I have to do is think about it and I get excited," Kelly said, cupping her tits and gently rolling her nipples briefly between her fingers. "So you think men would pay to fuck me?" she asked, dropping her hands.Ia bit her lip hard. Yes, her needy pussy sang, yes, yes, gods, yes!
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He shrank beneath her stare. That was a stare of pure hunger."Oh, I think I'll manage," John said with a grin. "But that's not important now. Would you really like to get back at him somehow?"“Because you're smart,” Elly husked, leaning in and kissing Ia's neck. “You're strong.” She climbed up, kissing Ia's cheek. “And you can resist all of this, right?” The paintbrush playfully danced up Ia's belly to Ia's lips, and Ia's heart almost stopped with even this small relief.They all cracked up at my Freudian slip. Jan said, "Is that a promise?""It is you!" Jenna exclaimed excitedly. "I was sitting over in the corner and saw you dancing!""Hee—s-stop!" the brunette squealed, clutching at her breasts with one hand and her groin with another. "S-stop that—don't neeeeheehee!"
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She squealed as using both hands and gave her tiny pink nipples a pinch. I felt her back lifting off the bed and sucking her clit hard into my mouth started running my tongue across it while my fingers drove into her even harder. Jenna's thighs were trembling violently and she started thrusting her pussy into my tongue and hand as I coaxed her to cum for me again. It wasn't easy concentrating on what I was doing with Doug's big dick plunging into me, but I so wanted her to cum in my face.Doug nodded. "That's right! They're gone until Tuesday. Your dad asked me to keep an eye on you so—"Elly arched her eyebrows and grinned at her. She rubbed Ia's shoulder, causing Ia to let out a soft gasp even at this little contact. “But you don't wanna be a good girl, remember?”You will also like:"I love your breasts, they're so sexy," I responded as Cassidy's hands tugged upwards over my excited pole. "Your face is so beautiful... your eyes and your lips... You're so sexy!" I was losing control, both over my words and my body."I guess so," she responded. "Besides, it might be fun. And if I'm going to be a whore I have to do things like that, don't I?"
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"Oh fuck!" she hissed from somewhere above me."I know what I said," she hissed, the smell of vodka almost overwhelming me. "But I need to get fucked tonight and I dream of feeling this cock inside of me."I opened my arms as if to hug her, and Cassidy walked into my embrace. She did look hot that night, the smooth fabric of the powder blue dress hugging her firm ass and big, round breasts. When she hugged me tentatively, I felt the firmness of her boobs as they pressed against my chest. I dropped my hands to Cassidy's waist, quickly and forcefully spinning her so that she was facing the mirror over the bathroom sink with her back to me. I pressed my groin against the back of her toned ass, pleased to feel my erection quickly growing."Please, Mistress, don't make me..."I heard footsteps cross the floor towards the sound of Anne's voice.Read More »
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   Anne said "I don't know, I don't keep score." Anne looked at me emphatically, knowing I kept a notebook of our "hobby"."Not lately, never know." Anne replied, and then made a sidelong glance towards Kent beside her."Get 'em off!" Kent roared. "No wet clothes on the furniture, I'm renting here.""Mrs. Wilson?""I wondered about that. I thought you were just happy to see me." Kent chuckled."Well, here it is," John gasped, pulling his cock from his sister?s pussy and crawling up her chest, sliding it wet and gooey into her open and waiting mouth. He felt her suck him down into her throat and then his balls exploded, his cum shooting into her mouth. He could feel her gulp once, twice, three times and she tried to swallow his cum as quickly as it filled her mouth. Then he felt his cock subside and he fell over onto the bed, spent as though it had been him fucking her all night."What are you doing?" Anne asked, surprised."T-Trys?"

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"But what if you did?" Kelly persisted."Oh yeah? You like that baby?" One of the men inquired. Cassidy moaned her approval in response.The music changed to a ballad. Sliding her arms down around my waist, Jenna rocked back and forth in time to the slow beat. My hands on her arms, I tried not to think of how soft and smooth she was."Is this business too?" Kelly asked, licking his cock once again."Is that all your going to give him?""That made sense, because I know how much you love the environment and hate to waste anything, especially if it's just going to end up in a landfill somewhere. I thought you probably liked the idea of using my pussy lips instead of a rag to clean the gunk off your boots because the rag would have just ended up in a landfill after you had disposed of it, and then you would have had to use yet another rag each time you cleaned your boots; my pussy lips on the other hand, after I clean the dirt and grit and crud off of them, have the advantage that they can be used to clean your boots again and again and again, and that is definitely better for the environment.
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